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» The detailed comparison of beam type shelves and corridor style shelves

Corridor style shelves are the best storage shelf type for large warehouses to store a single shipment. Beam type shelves are the most widely used shelf type for enterprises.Gallery shelf: Designed to store the same type of goods using pallets. Using the shelf rails to push the pallet goods one at a time, there is a large storage density space to improve utilization. Generally applicable to sites with high cost and expensive warehouses, such as frozen warehouses. components:Stabilization frame, rail base, transport rails and diagonal rods. Can achieve first-in, first-out or advanced storage methods. Used to store large quantities of goods of the same variety. A batch job that realizes large space and large storage. Convenient work forklifts can directly access the channel to pick up the goods. Shelf features large-volume operations, storage of similar goods, first-in-first-out or advanced-out storage.Warehouse equipment requirements: horizontal forklifts, stackers.Beam storage shelves: The most commonly used and affordable multi-faceted shelves. Easy to install, safe to use, suitable for storage of many types of goods. Space is fully utilized and the access method is simple and fast. Use the tray access to coordinate with the forklift for direct access to the cargo. The work is efficient.Beam type shelf features: Warehouse storage operations are smooth and unimpeded. Arbitrary shelf access to pick goods. Increased pick-up rate while accessing the product is also protected by quality. Mechanical equipment requirements: horizontal forklifts, stackers.Both types of shelves have their own warehousing functions and characteristics. As for the user’s choice, they must follow their own actual conditions, so as to meet their own interests and maximize storage.