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  5. Mezzanine floor versus radio shuttle racking, which is better? (Comparing differences and advantages)

» Mezzanine floor versus radio shuttle racking, which is better? (Comparing differences and advantages)

Mezzanine floor and radio shuttle racking have been particularly popular at certain times, mainly because of the high space utilization of both, mezzanine floor can be divided into two or three storey penthouses and achieved office + storage integration, which is in particular Suitable for companies with high warehouses and mainly artificial storage. The shuttle racking has a full-length shelf, and the rack rails are transport passages. The space utilization rate is quite high, and the shuttle devices access the goods on the rack rails in the storage lanes, which is more efficient and safer to use.

What is the difference between mezzanine floor and shuttle shelf? Which is better?


Radio shuttle racking:

1.The shelf of the shuttle is designed according to the factors such as the type of goods stored, the size of the trays, the shuttle vehicles and other factors, and the storage space of the goods, etc. The utilization rate of the storage area is close to 100%.

2.The shelf of the shuttle vehicle is programmed to allow the shuttle to be on the rack track to carry out tasks such as picking, transporting, and placing the pallet goods, and to identify the barcode and other technologies to achieve automatic identification, access, and other functions. The workers are half of the mezzanine floor one.

3.The radio shuttle rack can be operated by multiple shuttles running on different shelves and tracks at the same time, which greatly improves the work efficiency, reduces the waiting time to a great extent, and the efficiency of storage and storage is more than twice that of the mezzanine floor.


Mezzanine floor:

1.The mezzanine floors are usually made of medium-duty racks or heavy-duty racks, which are used as main supports and floor panels to build two or three-story mezzanines to increase storage space. The utilization rate of storage space can reach 80%.

2.Mezzanine floors are usually delivered to the second floor and third floor by forklifts, hydraulic lifts or freight elevators, and then transported by carts to a specific location.

3.The floor storage is a type of shelf that is mainly stored manually. With the use of a cart to store and take goods, the labor intensity of employees is relatively low, and the work efficiency is low.

In general, mezzanine floors and shuttle racks all have their own advantages. Considering more of its own characteristics and needs when choosing, then choosing the right type of shelf. Only by selecting the right shelf type, can we truly realize the most storage efficiency.