• 07132020
  • Medium duty longspan shelving


    Medium duty longspan shelving is usually manual access to goods, packaged structure, the layer spacing is 50mm uniform adjustable, goods are often loose or not very heavy packed goods (easy to manual access), shelf height is usually below 2.5m, otherwise it is difficult to reach manually (such as assisted climbing car can be set at about 3m).
    The length of the shelving should not be too long, unit shelf depth should not be too deep. According to the weight of each layer of the unit shelf, it can be divided into light, medium, heavy duty shelf. The shelf is suitable for storage of scattered, light goods, can be converted into attic shelves. In order to meet the demand of goods more storage, shelf plate shelves can also configure the heavy beam support (column), the floor may be (usually 2-3 layers), equipped with ascending stairs, handrails and cargo elevator, etc., it evolved into a loft-style shelves, especially suitable for auto parts, electronics companies.
    It is mainly composed of column, supporting plate and powder coated beams, and belongs to the interlocking composite structure. The shelves are welded steel shelving with reinforcing bars at the bottom, with a beautiful appearance. They are not connected by any bolts, convenient for installation and disassembly
    The steel shelving is easy to disassemble and assemble, the layer spacing can be adjusted up and down according to the height of the goods with every 50mm, and the bearing range can reach 200-800kg/ layer. This kind of shelf height is adjustable, convenient for manual access of goods, it is the ideal storage product for small and medium-sized warehouses.


    Post time: 07-13-2020