• 09172019
  • Introduce of Steel Pallet Design


    Steel pallets are also called metal pallets or iron pallets. Steel Pallet Design are horizontal platform devices for loading, stacking, transporting and transporting goods and products. Generally there are wooden pallets, metal pallets, steel pallets. With the progress of plastic pallet manufacturing technology and the emergence of some high-load plastic pallets, steel pallets have been gradually adopted in a large scale.
    Advantages of Heavy Duty Steel Pallets
    Made of high quality steel, with strong bearing capacity.
    It is suitable for forklift truck operation, and steel pallet is convenient for storing goods.
    It is more environmentally friendly, can be recycled and reused, and resources are not wasted.
    Steel pallets can be designed and customized according to the requirements of load and shape and size.
    Compared with plastic pallets, it has advantages of strength, wear resistance, temperature resistance and price.
    Steel pallets are mainly used for multi-purpose ground storage, warehouse shelf storage, cargo intermodal transport, turnover and other ultra-light metal pallets series. Placement of assembly, stacking, handling and transportation is a horizontal platform device for unit load. At present, it is one of the important auxiliary equipment for warehousing and transportation in industry
    We usually pack them in accordance with standard specifications. But if customers have any special requirements for packaging, they can also pack and load vehicles according to customers’requirements. Customer satisfaction is the purpose of our service.


    Post time: 09-17-2019