• 09172020
  • In which field is carton live storage rack suitable


    Warehouse carton live storage rack is a very unique storage shelf, which is quite different from the traditional storage shelf in the structure of carton live storage. More than that, the working mode of this shelf is very special. The characteristic of fluency shelf is that goods can move automatically. Let’s see how fluency shelf works.
    The main working mode of fluency shelf is to automatically move the goods at one end to the lower end of the shelf by using gravity. The advantage of this working mode is that the staff do not need to run at both ends of the shelf, but only need to carry out daily work at the lower end. It can reduce a lot of working time and improve the working efficiency in the warehouse, which is the advantage of fluency shelf, but the same fluency shelf also has some disadvantages due to the use of materials.
    Fluency shelf storage goods use not laminates, mainly fluency bars to store goods, and fluency bars generally use some aluminum alloy materials, which limits the fluency shelf’s load-bearing capacity. Heavy duty carton live racking is often used to store some lighter products. These goods do not require high load-bearing capacity of the shelf, so they can better play the role of fluency shelf.
    The load-bearing capacity of fluency shelf is more suitable for the use of some small parts storage warehouses, it can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the warehouse.


    Post time: 09-17-2020