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» How to Use Very Narrow Aisle Racking Safely and Reasonably

In today’s warehousing and logistics equipment, with the construction and use of various warehouse .Racking and shelving systems has played an irreplaceable role in the industry. So how can we safely and reasonably use the Very Narrow Aisle Racking of narrow lane warehouse? The following Aceally (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Racking manufacturer will give you a brief introduction on how to rationally use narrow lane warehouse shelves. First of all, we need to know and understand the characteristics and advantages of narrow aisle warehouse racking. Generally speaking, the speed of cargo flow is higher than that of general warehouse shelving numbering system. Forklift trucks in narrow lanes can work at a height of up to 14 meters, and electronic stacking cranes can even work at a higher position. Special forklift trucks or cranes are needed, as well as other handling machinery and shelves for access and transfer stations, which not only store the functions of pallets, but also support and reinforce the functions of handling equipment. Secondly, we need to know what factors should we pay attention to when using shelves in narrow aisle racking warehouses. We all know that heavy shelves in general have the following characteristics when they are used: To prevent top heavy: To achieve the higher shelves should be lighter. Heavy objects should be placed at the bottom. To prevent overloading: The stacking weight of each floor of warehouse storage shelving systems must not exceed the maximum load of the shelf, to prevent the collapse of the shelf. Preventing the impact of forklift truck: In the storage of goods on the shelf, the forklift truck should be handled as lightly as possible in the course of operation, so as to prevent the shelf from deforming due to the impact on the shelf and the phenomenon of collapse due to uneven force. The above three characteristics of common heavy duty shelves, narrow aisle raqcking also need to prevent such incidents, but also follow the use of general industrial storage shelving systems. Make good use of shelves safely and reasonably. Aceally (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in warehousing shelves for 18 years. It has a professional design team, its own factory production, as well as a number of sales and operation teams. If you are interested in our shelf warehousing system, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry. We will give priority to serving you. Professional design team design and plan your warehouse.Emai:[email protected]