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» How to Prevent Our Goods Falling in Warehouses?(2)

Check all of your racks as much as possibleEven if all pallets are properly placed according to federal and racking manufacturer’s requirements, pallet racks need to be regularly checked and maintained just like other warehouse installations. To better reduce the risk of rack breakage and falling cargo, making sure all columns, racks, and fasteners are checked according to regular maintenance schedules and replaced immediately when needed.Label all safety requirements and rack limits properlyA good way to quickly reduce the risk of falling and prevent damage to your rack is to keep the manufacturer-specified weight limit in a clear place so that everyone knows when the rack reaches its limit. Attaching capacity labels on the front of each rack (a rack tag holder can be used) to ensure that your staff knows when the racks are close to capacity and know when they will not be overloaded.Install additional protectionIn extreme cases, or when it is difficult to avoid shelf overload due to issues such as abnormal stock dimensions or abnormal pallet slats, installing an industrial barrier can quickly and easily reduce the risk of the warehouse hanging and stopping items from falling off the shelves.Appropriate training and coachingFinally, even if your shelves are as optimal and safe as possible, you need to ensure that your employees know how to use them properly. And you’re going to spend time training staff of floor, such as proper weight lifting postures, weight limits and storage usage – no matter how simple it looks. Sometimes, people that can prevent accidents are skilled workers. They know what to do to prevent them from accidents, and regular training of these procedures can make all the difference.