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» How to Prevent Our Goods Falling in Warehouses?(1)

Falling items are one of the most common (and largest) security risks in warehouse, whether for employees or inventory.

There are many possibilities for accidents between the products stored above our worker’s heads on pallet racking system. And the intelligent operation (but still incompletely) tendency which means there is no need for human to practice safe reaching procedures when dealing with heavy goods stored up high. Making sure to prevent our products and inventory from falling as much as possible, which will greatly reduce the damage, damage and loss of the entire warehouse.

In fact it is not a difficult thing to take measures to prevent the falling of goods, but it may actually be more than you first imagined. Here are some points need to pay attention to when trying to optimize our warehouse to achieve proper height and prevent cargo drops:

Follow all the guidelines of manufacturer

One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of falling is to make sure that each rack or shelf is used according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Obviously, this sounds simple, but you will be surprised to find how many pallet racks or shelves in the world are not used in according of the designed of weight limits, shelf size, etc. No matter what you store there, be sure to check the dimensions and requirements of your racks carefully to ensure that you store the correct amount of goods (including quantity and weight) and the correct spacing each time.

Leave a little more space

Another easiest way to prevent items from falling is to make sure that nothing is near your rack edge and that there is enough room for everything. As we all know, the National Fire Code requires 6-inches of flue spacing at least between the loads on the racks and should be given as much as possible. This may require your staff to make a few more trips to the racks, but the increase in work will be more than made up for by reducing the danger of falling.