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  • How to make the best use of racking system space

    By Sea Lin

    At the beginning of shelf design, shelf companies will design appropriate shelf products according to the use conditions to maximize the reasonable use of space during use. However, these are the most ideal ones. Today, baodelong shelf tells you how to avoid space waste and make full use of our warehouse steel storage shelves.
    1. As for the stacking of goods on the shelves of the warehouse is unreasonable and irregular, which wastes the space of the storage shelves. The other is the vertical space. As long as the loading range of the goods is within the warehouse shelf, the advantage of the top of the goods should be properly erected to effectively play the efficiency of the storage rack.
    2. Too many unsalable materials are stored on the shelf of the warehouse, which takes up the storage space. Every enterprise is the same. There will always be unsalable materials. The appearance of unsalable materials is not terrible. The terrible thing is that there should be no one to deal with them. A large number of unsalable materials should not appear in the corresponding space. The warehouse management personnel should urge the plan not to arrange the consumption as soon as possible, and the long-term non consumption materials should be reported to the company for decision Make sure that the warehouse shelves are recyclable materials.
    3. The product information or goods in the warehouse should be guaranteed to be qualified before they can be put on the shelves. If a certain material that can be sent by the quality control department is received during storage, the enterprise needs to suspend the use by sealing up. The warehouse manager should be responsible for following up and require the quality control department not to give a scientific and reasonable treatment technical scheme. If we need to select the returned goods, we should have them in time Arrange the return of goods effectively, do not occupy the shelf space of the company’s warehouse for a long time.
    4. The production plan of the workshop can not arrange the production time reasonably according to the schedule required by the order. If the production capacity is increased too early, it will only occupy the storage space of the warehouse shelf and overstock the working capital of the enterprise. Therefore, no large warehouse and no more warehouse shelves are enough to control the production progress of enterprises.


    Post time: 10-20-2020