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» How to Maintain rack shelving system in Later Period

In the use of heavy duty warehouse shelving, we should keep the warehouse dry, reasonably allocate the position of goods (generally on the ground, lighter on the upper level), pay attention to whether the goods are placed in a standardized manner (whether too many shelves, or even blocked passages). Finally, we must pay attention to the weight of goods placed on each level should not exceed. Design weight;When using forklift truck, it is necessary to guard against the impact of forklift truck on the shelving. If the racking systems is deformed by impact, the racking system manufacturer must be notified to maintain or replace some parts in time to ensure safe use.When installing lighting system in the storage shelf area, all lines must be insulated safely to prevent leakage and ensure safe use because the shelf is made of steel.Check the use of warehouse shelves regularly, find out hidden dangers, and find out that parts are deformed and screw connection loosened should be handled in time.If the warehouse shelves need to be relocated, disassembled and reconstructed, the racking system manufacturer should be notified and completed by the shelf manufacturers, so as to avoid potential safety hazards caused by improper operation of customers themselves.