• 07252019
  • How to distinguish the quality of wire container storage cage


    1. Material quality standards can not be said to be qualified storage cage, mesh and storage cage base welding must be soldered firmly, mesh each wire junction should be soldered, there can be no de-soldering, welding leakage phenomenon, storage cage base must be fully welded, so as to ensure strength.
    2. Collapsible wire container is basically high-wire channel steel. The material quality of high-wire determines the overall use strength of storage cage. Generally speaking, it needs manufacturers to provide high-wire material reports. The material quality of high-wire in large steel plants is generally better than that of small steel plants. The load of storage cage is largely on channel steel, so the thickness of channel steel determines. Whether the carrying capacity of the wire mesh pallet cages is up to the standard.
    3. The thickness of galvanized cage surface is not less than 8um, the surface is bright, no spots, and there is no scratch on the cage surface. These are all the details of production. There are more storage cages exported to Japan, Europe and the United States.


    Post time: 07-25-2019