• 10272023
  • How should the storage shelf racks be maintained daily?


    From the perspective of surface maintenance of storage shelf racks:

    Storage shelf racks in warehouses, especially small and medium-sized warehouses, have many uncertain factors and are prone to a lot of interference and surface problems. Such as moisture, rust, dust, etc. If there are problems with peeling or rusting on the shelf racks, these areas should be treated in time, and protective paint should be sprayed to treat these parts evenly to prevent the occurrence of secondary problems.




    Warehouses should provide targeted ventilation measures:

    At the same time, warehouses should provide timely targeted ventilation and other measures to maintain a certain amount of airflow to prevent excessive moisture or other situations. At the same time, dust falling on the shelf racks is also a must-do for maintenance. Dust not only easily contaminates products, but also has an adverse impact on the use of the shelf racks, such as contamination and management of signs on the shelf racks or fixed parts. If the operation of personnel causes trouble, it should be cleaned up at a time when it is not serious.


    Maintenance is carried out through the physical protection of the storage shelf racks:

    This kind of maintenance is mainly performed to ensure that the shelf racks operate within a reasonable load-bearing range and to avoid unnecessary shelf rack safety problems. Especially for storage racks, each type has its design standards and its load-bearing range is limited. This requirement should be followed in actual use, and try not to exceed the standards to avoid shelf rack deformation and other self-safety issues. The principle of placing heavy items at the bottom and light items at the top of the shelf rack should be followed, that is, heavy items should be placed on the bottom and light items should be placed on the top. In addition, necessary protective measures need to be taken for the shelf racks to prevent accidental physical damage. Such as the setting of anti-collision nets, anti-collision barriers, etc.

    Post time: 10-27-2023