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» How much do you know about the advantages of mezzanine floor pallet racking system?

In recent years, what are the reasons for using cold rolled steel sheets? Do you know what about it? This kind of cold rolled steel plate not only has strong bearing capacity, but also has many advantages, such as good integrity, bearing uniformity, high accuracy, smooth surface, convenient locking, etc. There are also many types for everyone to choose. So, mezzanine floor pallet racking system where are its specific advantages?
In fact, this technology is the shelf of the loft platform. The load-carrying capacity of the shelf is generally less than 500 kg, and the distance between the shelves is generally between 2.2 meters and 2.7 meters. This can take into account the convenience of operators. First, let’s talk about the characteristics of this attic shelf. Second, attic shelves can make shelves higher, and also make full use of space and storage height. Third, the loft shelves generally use special floors such as special floors and formwork plate floors. There are also steel grids, but the steel grids do not have such special plates with strong bearing capacity, good integrity and easy to lock. Fourth, the loft platform shelves fully consider the humanized logistics model, beautiful design, simple structure and atmosphere. Installation and disassembly are very convenient, and shelf types can be designed flexibly according to needs. Finally, the shelf on the attic platform can store a variety of items.
Now that we know that mezzanine floor racking have these advantages, how should we install China racking of mezzanine floor racking? Now let me tell you how to install the loft shelving system platform. First, attic shelves are used as floor support points, warehouses can be divided into two or three layers of a unique shelf. Second, there are two to three floors of floor design, as well as stairs, freight elevators and so on. Thirdly, this kind of loft platform shelf is generally used in warehouses with high warehouses, and the goods are relatively small, so it can be used for the manual storage capacity of loft shelves. Attic rack installation and production is very convenient, assembly is very convenient, no screw specifications can also be customized, attic rack is also suitable for placing large and medium-sized parts of the same specifications, easy to classify and use, fast and solid structure, saving space and space, can greatly reduce space waste, which is suitable for large and medium-sized warehouses.
After reading the advantages and installation methods of the mezzanine racking system, what do you not know? You can contact me immediately. I will serve you as soon as possible.
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