• 10302020
  • How high can the cantilever shelf height be


    As we all know, nowadays, with the vigorous development of economy, the storage shelves of large warehouses basically need to be customized, but there are many people who will ask, is there any spot production can be used directly? Of course, there are many goods that have been produced and can be used in stock. However, in the actual warehouse, we need customers to provide us with the size of the customer’s warehouse and what is the goods placed by the customer? Only in this way can we make a more perfect design for the warehouse.
    Many people don’t know how much they need to carry, how high and how to make full use of the warehouse space. When asked about the cantilever shelf, they would ask how high the cantilever shelf can be.
    Cantilever shelf is a special existence, suitable for storing long strip, long roll and irregular goods such as plates and pipes. Cantilevers can be single arm, double arm, cantilevered loft shelves where goods are stored on cantilevers fixed to columns. Cantilevered shelves can be used to store and store goods manually or by forklift. Manual storage and retrieval of goods is generally customized in the height of 3 meters, which is enough. Forklift is usually designed to be less than 6 meters high. Because it is a long strip cargo, it is not suitable to design too high, so as not to affect the loading and unloading.
    In the design of warehouse shelves, the more detailed the information you provide, the more realistic our design will be. In the actual warehouse, it will be better and better. It can also consider all aspects of the operation of the entire warehouse and the whole security and do a good job of security precautions.


    Post time: 10-30-2020