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  • How about heavy duty shelves in the current market


    In many different types of storage shelves, heavy shelves can be said to be one of the several shelves with the highest market share. With excellent load-bearing capacity, simple composition structure and reasonable cost price, many enterprises will give priority to heavy shelves when purchasing shelves. But this situation has changed with the emergence of intelligent storage, so how does intelligent storage affect heavy duty storage shelves.
    To know how much impact the emergence of intelligent storage has had on heavy shelves, first we need to understand the characteristics of heavy shelves and why heavy shelves have a large number of customer bases in the past. First of all, it has a lot to do with the function of heavy-duty shelves. It has good load-bearing capacity, and its structure is not complicated. It is very suitable for many enterprises. Moreover, the manufacturing cost of heavy-duty shelves is low, and many small and medium-sized enterprises can afford it, so there are many customers using heavy-duty shelves. But there are also some unsolvable problems in heavy-duty shelves, that is, functional limitations.
    In today’s highly competitive market, the function of heavy shelves has not been able to meet the needs of some large enterprises, and the emergence of intelligent storage has changed this situation very well, so many large enterprises are beginning to change in the direction of intelligent storage. In this way, the market of heavy shelves has been greatly affected, but because of the cost of three-dimensional storage, there are still many small enterprises will choose heavy shelves, and now many heavy shelves are also changing in the direction of intelligence.
    From the current utilization rate of intelligent storage, we can see that the future shelf market will gradually move towards the direction of intelligence and automation, but this does not mean that the traditional shelf will be eliminated. Now there are many traditional shelves that greatly improve the working efficiency by combining with automation equipment. Let’s look forward to the development and progress of traditional storage shelves in the future.


    Post time: 09-21-2020