• 08272021
  • Effect of adding wire mesh decking to cross beam pallet rack


    There are many types of warehouse racks, each of which has other characteristics and storage effect. But they can be interlinked, such as longspan shelving design into the form of mezzanine floor, the effect of mezzanine floor style and carton flow pallet racking matching design, etc. Let’s take a look at the effect of adding wire mesh deckings to cross beam pallet racks.

    Beam pallet rack is undoubtedly the storage form of using pallet to store goods on the pallet rack. This is only one of the storage method. After adding wire mesh decks on the pallet rack, the goods do not necessarily need to be on the pallet rack on the pallet. Generally, the goods stored on pallets are relatively large and heavy goods, and the goods stored on wire mesh decks are relatively small and light goods. Therefore, after adding wire mesh decks to the cross beam pallet rack, it can store not only heavy and large goods, but also light and small goods.


    It can be seen that the cross beam pallet rack can be flexibly used in combination with the warehouse supporting equipment, which can not only save the cost of customizing another warehouse shelf storage rack, but also meet the storage needs of warehouse goods. Therefore, if there are many specifications and weights of goods and different storage methods are required, you can consult us to see what different design schemes are available before customizing the warehouse storage rack, so as to save the warehouse space and purchase cost as much as possible.

    Post time: 08-27-2021