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  • Characteristics of Light Duty Shelving System


    With the development of the industry, warehouse shelves can be divided into many types. According to different combination methods, they can be applied to different industries. This not only improves the utilization rate of warehouse space in the industry, but also brings great convenience to the management of company warehouse. So, in different industries and different types of enterprises how to choose shelving system? Of course, when choosing light duty shelving system, this is also a very difficult problem. We should purchase suitable shelves according to the actual characteristics and needs of warehouses. If we buy an unsuitable light duty shelf, it is not only a waste of resources, but also a waste of costs. Here we will briefly introduce the characteristics of light duty metal shelving:
    Light Duty Shelving System can be roughly divided into three types, one is Boltless rivet shelving system, one is European light shelving system, the other is slotted angle steel shelving system. Angle steel shelving system, its carrying capacity is relatively small, poor stability, generally speaking, the carrying capacity of each floor will not exceed 200 kg, but in actual use, due to the reasons of stability and safety, the carrying capacity of light shelf is generally between 50 kg and 180 kg, the price will be cheaper than other shelf systems. The shape is also very good, in the electronic industry, small and medium-sized parts, small commodities in supermarkets can use light shelves, its stress area is more uniform and stable, the strength is more suitable for the storage of heavy objects, but also more suitable for medium-sized goods, manual access and other storage requirements to be more widely used.
    It is worth noting that when choosing light shelves, we should choose shelves according to our own weight, rather than blindly choosing the appearance of shelves without considering the reality. It is better to choose the most suitable shelf system according to the actual drawings of the warehouse. In this way, the efficiency of shelf utilization can be maximized.

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