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  • 7Characteristics and applications of supermarket shelving


    Supermarket shelves are usually for goods storage and displaying in supermarkets. The earliest shelves in China are often called counters. There are many kinds of iron, wood, glass, and so on. However, these shelves have a big disadvantage that they cannot adjust the height of levels freely, and they are not easy to move and are not beautiful.


    Features of supermarket shelves:

    1. Beautiful appearance, firm structure, and various specifications; the design has the style of the times, the supermarket shelves are single-sided and double-sided shelves that can be combined with each other, single-sided shelves can be combined with corners, and double-sided can be combined with semi-circles; the layer spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily , looks noble and generous;

    2. The appearance is luxurious, the color is elegant, and it is integrated with the modern store environment, creating a new concept of business;

    3. The root of the support arm is enhanced, the support capacity is increased, the width and length of the shelves are increased, and the capacity of large shopping malls is satisfied;

    4. The surface is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic spraying, with a variety of colors, and has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects;

    5. Easy installation, many choices of a variety of hangers;

    6. The column and the footing are welded together, which increases the insurance factor of the shelf, prevents the shelf from changing under the heavy state, and eliminates hidden dangers in the shopping mall;

    7. Good versatility, equipped with various special accessories for commodity display, suitable for the needs of comprehensive supermarkets;

    8. Surface treatment shot blasting, degreasing, surface spraying.


    Application of supermarket shelves:

    1. Displaying products on supermarket shelves can efficiently use limited space, arrange products in an orderly manner, make customers clear at a glance, and transmit product information to customers as quickly as possible. It is also a basic operating facility for salespersons to provide high-level services to customers.

    2. Displaying goods on supermarket shelves can effectively prevent moisture, dust, theft, and vandalism, so as to improve the quality of material storage.

    Post time: 11-07-2022