Stainless steel wire mesh decking

Stainless steel wire mesh decking

Steel Wire Mesh Decking is widely used in warehouse as an accompany of racks , And as a safety measure on selective pallet rack to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the racks structure.


Product Description

Wire Mesh Decking is widely used in warehouse as an accompany of racks , And as a safety  measure  on  selective  pallet  rack  to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the racks structure.Wire decking comes in various  thickness and mesh dimensions . Most has U-shaped channel or flared supports to support the loading. 

At Aceally we carry an assortment of wire mesh decks as an alternative to safety bars. Each mesh deck has a capacity rating ( uniformed distributed load ) that can be customized according to customers’ requirements. There are different reinforcement channels to be used for different functions.

01-Wire Mesh Decking 02-Wire Mesh Decking

Flared Channel

Inverted Flared Channel

03-Wire Mesh Decking 04-Wire Mesh Decking
 U Channel  Inverted U Channel


  • Easy to install— No fastening needed;
  • Cheaper and stronger than wood decking;
  • Better ventilation and light transmission;
  • Decrease fire hazard;
  • Improve storage product visibility;
  • Free maintenance, economical and long life;
  • Improve storage efficiency;
  • Sanitary, easy to self cleaning;

Product Specifications

Our Wire Mesh Decking is mainly exported to US, UK, France & Australia.Please see left standard size popular in each country.Customized sizes are also available.


Production technology

11-Wire-Mesh-Decking 12-Wire-Mesh-Decking 13-Wire-Mesh-Decking 14-Wire-Mesh-Decking
15-Wire-Mesh-Decking 16-Wire-Mesh-Decking 17-Wire-Mesh-Decking 18-Wire-Mesh-Decking
19-Wire-Mesh-Decking 20-Wire-Mesh-Decking 21-Wire-Mesh-Decking 22-Wire-Mesh-Decking


Wire Mesh Decking Packing


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