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Product Description

The pallet rack post upright protector is designed column style which can protect the shelf storage rack from forklift damage during operating. An upright protector is usually installed in both ends of the racking row, to protect the end upright when the forklift turns. It can also be used as column guards to be installed for every piece of upright, which can protect the upright being hit from the front.

Steel upright frame protector is made of steel to reduce the damage of racking for increased durability. Help prevent pallet rack uprights from forklift damage. The special yellow powder coated as they finish treatment can play a warning role and make the shelf storage rack safe. You can also customize the size.

Features of Upright Protector

1. Easy installation & removal

2. Galvanized coating after welding for rust-free life

3. Safe smooth edge design to protect

4. Economically and practically improve the security

5. Highly visible color prevents potential hazards and provides a visual reference for drivers and other warehouse personnel

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