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Product Description

The radio shuttle rack system is a high-density storage system composed of racks, trolleys, and forklifts. This high-efficiency storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and bring customers a new storage option!

Working principle of radio shuttle rack:

Inventory: the forklift puts the goods on the front end of the guide rail of the rack lane, and the shuttle car operated by radio remote control can carry the pallet goods and run on the guide rail;

Pick-up: The shuttle car moves the pallets from the deepest part of the rack to the front of the rack, and uses a forklift to remove the palletized goods from the rack;

Mobile shuttle car: The shuttle car can be placed in different lanes by a forklift, and one shuttle car can be shared by multiple lanes. The number of shuttle cars is determined by comprehensive factors such as the depth of the roadway, the total amount of goods, the batch size of shipments, the frequency of shipments; transportation and storage racking systems. The space utilization rate is over 80%!

Specification of Radio Shuttle Rack

ltemThe SpecificationEquipmemnt Model
1、Suitable Pallets:
1.1、Standard Pallet:L×W mmW1200×D1000mm
1.2、Size Range Available L×W mmW1100~1250,D800~1100mm
1.3、Styles of Pallet BottomChuan type, Tian type
1.4、Material of PalletWood、Plastics、Steel
1.5、Deflection of PalletMax 20mm
2、Total Weight of LoadingMax 500kgMax 1000kgMax 1500kg
3、Model of RunningInside the rails
4、Data of Running:
4.1、Running without Loading1.1m/s
4.2、Running with Max Loading0.9m/s0.7m/s0.5m/s
5、Data of Lifting:
5.1、Time of Single Lift1.1s1.3s1.5s
5.2、Distance of Lift22mm
5.3、Lift Height from Rail13mm
6、Size of Equipment:
6.1、Outside Dimensions LxWxHmmL1100×W977×198mm
6.2、Total Weight of Equipment242kg248kg260kg
6.3、Plate Size of EquipmentL960×W85×T3mm,2Pcs
6.4、Inner Width of Two Forks230mm
6.5、Width of Single Forks236mm
7、Driver Motor for RunningLenze 24V 200W
8、Wheels of Runningφ120mm Vulkollan
9、Driver Motor for LiftLenze 24V 370W
10、Battery Packs CapacityBYD 2 set×2V 30AH
11、Weight of Battery Packs2set×11kg
12、Numbers of Charge discharge900 times
13、Duration of ChargingAbout 5 hours
14、Methods of Remote ControlRadio Frequency 433MHz,3.7V 1500mAh
15、Remote ControrlerHandheld remote control
16、Model ControlHandling/Automatic Model
17、Temperature of Warehouse -18~40℃ (Normal)/ -30~-18℃(Cryogenic)
18、Programmable Logic ControllerSiemens PLC
19、Voltage of Controller LoopDC 24V
20、Noise Peak of Running<70DB

Features of Radio Shuttle Rack

· High-density storage, high warehouse utilization;

· High work efficiency, greatly reducing job waiting time;

· The operation method is flexible, and the access method of the goods can be first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out;

· High safety factor, reduce the collision between racks and forklifts, and improve safety and productivity;

· Relatively low lighting requirements, compared with other types of storage racks, the overall investment is less.

Application of Radio Shuttle Rack

· Large quantity and small sample: food, beverage, chemical industry, tobacco, and other industries with large batches of single varieties and relatively single items;

· Cold storage operation: reduce low-temperature operation time, improve work efficiency and operation safety;

· Time limit management: warehouses that have strict requirements on item batches and require first-in, first-out operation management;

· Increased storage capacity: limited storage space, warehouses that need to maximize the use of space.

Guide Rail of Radio Shuttle Rack