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Aceally offers a variety of sizes, capacities, and custom configurations to accommodate any rack and any application. Whether it’s a heavy load capacity, long beams, deep rack, or some other special needs

Product Description

Wire mesh decking is a main product in our product line. It is widely used in warehouse, as an accessory of rack. It is commonly used as a safety measure on selective pallet rack to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the rack structure. Wire mesh decking comes in various thicknesses and mesh dimensions. Most wire mesh extends across the top and down the front of the beam to provide more support, and is more desirable in the marketplace.

Aceally can provide the wire mesh decking in both galvanized and powder-coat finished.

Channal Types of Wire Mesh Decking

Features of Wire Mesh Decking

  • Easy to install, simply drops into place
  • Improves fire safety by enhancing the performance of your overhead sprinkler system
  • Protects employees and products
  • Improves inventory visibility and brightens your facility
  • Self-cleaning / maintenance free
  • Gives you the flexibility to store cartons, drums, and multiple pallet sizes

Specifications of Wire Mesh Decking

Sample CAD layouts for your reference

Packaging of Wire Mesh Decking