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Long span shelving which has special design, proper structure, and is easy for install in dismantling without any screw thread connector for 200-600kg per layer, it is widely used in supermarket, store, and other enterprises. this prouduct is the level of international standard the height could be adjusted easily by 50 distance.

Product Description

Long span shelving can be decked with particle board,wire decking,Zinc steel panel,rolling metal decking to make them iedal for many different environments. Longspan is a long,durable,versatile and economical shelving systems. It has fully adjustable shelf heights and lengths.

And because it uses a modular design and bolt-free lock-in systems requiring no special tools, it is installed in minutes. It looks good and minimises lost space from uprights making it ideal for a wide variety of applications from archives to automotive,factories,warehouses,retail,wholesale and commercial.


Long span shelving is composed of the following three parts: frame, beam and shelf.

Usually, the frame specification is 55*47*1.5mm and beams use P-beams (stepped beams). Specifications of beams are P50*30*1.5, P60*40*1.5, P80*50*1.5.

The beam can be adjusted up and down in units of 50mm. The height of the frames and the height of each layer must be a multiple of 50. The height of the floor is the height from the upper surface of the beam to the ground. The frame diagonal bracing is 500mm.

The shelves of the shelf are composed of columns, cross braces, diagonal braces, plastic feet, iron bases and bolts. There are three kinds of shelf: steel panel rolled panel and wood panel. When laying the wood layer, pay attention to the additional support to prevent the wood laminate from breaking.

The depth of long span shelving is not more than 1200mm and the length does not exceed 2500mm, otherwise, the P-beam will be unstable or outward. Usually, the loading capacity of each shelf is 500kg.

According to customer requirements, Long span shelving can be added with side sealing nets (soft borders), back sealing nets (hard borders), partition boards, etc. Long span shelving can be extended to the mezzanine floor.


  • It is used for manual loading and picking storage .
  • Without forklift to save cost .
  • Beams are installed directly into the holes of uprights .
  • It is easy installation and adjustable .
  • Flexible accessories for different usage.
  • Selective dividers for different storage requirement.
  • Loading :100kg-1000kg/level
  • Certification:ISO9001:2008, CE
  • All kinds of sizes and colors are available.

Product Components:

Product Specifications:

Product NameLong Span Racking
Standard Specification 
(Customized Available)
W1500×D500×H1500mm           W1500×D500×H2000mm
W1800×D500×H1800mm          W1800×D500×H2000mm
W2000×D600×H1800mm           W2000×D600×H2000mm
W2200×D600×H2000mm           W2200×D600×H2200mm
W2400×D700×H2200mm           W2400×D700×H2400mm
W2600×D800×H2400mm          W2600×D800×H2600mm
W2800×D900×H2600mm           W2800×D900×H2800mm
W3000×D1000×H2800mm         W3000×D1000×H3000mm
W3000×D1000×H3500mm         W3000×D1000×H4000mm
Rack Levels3 levels, 4 levels, 5 levels, 6 levels
Load Capacity per Level200KG, 300KG, 500KG, 700KG, 1000KG
Raw Materialhigh quality cold rolling steel Q235B(SS400) purchased from Shanghai Baosteel Group
Material Thickness1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
Surface Treatmentdeoil, derusting and powder coat paint finish
Rack Colorsstandard blue, orange and customized available
HS Code7308900000

All of our products can be customized, so don’t hesitate to tell us if the specifications above can not meet your requirements.

Product pictures