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» Low Price Adjustable Carton Flow Rack Warehouse Shelving Unit

Carton flow racks are also called self-gravity shelves, roller-type shelves, which belong to heavy-duty shelves and are evolved from tray-type shelves. Flow rack system use a first-in, first-out storage, which is suitable for small varieties, large quantities, and the Similar kind of storage of goods. The space utilization rate is extremely high, and the gravity flow shelving depth and the number of layers can be determined as required.

Product Description

Carton flow racks are one of the cross-beam shelf derivatives. The shelf structure is similar to the cross-beam shelves. Only the drum track is placed on the cross beam, and the track is inclined at 3-5°. Goods on pallets are transported to the cargo port of the shelf by forklift trucks. Using their weight, the pallets automatically slide from the entrance to the exit port at the other end.

There is no work channel between the group and the shelf, which increases the space utilization rate by 60% and improves the storage rate of the storage; the tray operation follows the principle of first-in, first-out(FIFO); the automatic storage of the rotation; the separation of the two-actions of storage and picking Significantly increase the output, because the goods are slid by gravity, and there is no operation channel, so the number of transportation routes and forklifts is reduced.

Features & Advantages:

  • The goods slide from the high end of the deposit to the low end, and removing from the low end.
  • During the sliding of the cargo, a damper is arranged on the slide way to control the speed of the cargo to keep within the safe range.
  • A separator is provided at one end of the chute, and the handling machine can smoothly take out the goods at the first board position.
  • The goods follow the first-in first-out(FIFO). The shelf has a high storage density and has a flexible fit function.
  • It is suitable for storage operations with trays as carriers, and the goods stack is neat, which provides a better solution for the storage of large and heavy objects. The utilization rate of storage space is above 75%, and only one import and export channel is required;
  • Gravity racking is very environmentally friendly, which uses no power form, no energy consumption, low noise, safety and reliability. And it can operate at full load.

Gravity flow rack component:

Product pictures: