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Aceally Storage is the source of your “China’s best-selling wire basket”. Our wire mesh containers are very strong, foldable and stackable; no one can make better industrial wire containers. Our stock industrial wire mesh containers are used in distribution and manufacturing applications around the world.Our wire mesh containers are designed and manufactured toughness and long life, making them ideal for material handling. Industrial wire baskets are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. Our stackable, foldable, rust-proof foldable wire mesh container is durable, portable, self-cleaning and easy to carry.Our stainless steel galvanized wire mesh containers are durable, portable, self-cleaning and mobile. The welded steel mesh galvanizing process ensures an extended service life of the basket. Our wire mesh containers reduce the cost of expensive products associated with bulk stacking, providing better space utilization, product identification and easier handling of bulk materials.The strength and durability that our robotic welding industrial wire baskets provide is what any warehouse storage application needs. Each of our industrial wire rope containers is galvanized after welding, which provides a durable surface finish that won’t wear or rust. These collapsible wire containers can be stacked up to 10 heights when the basket collapses and 4 heights when filled, saving valuable warehouse space. We have 4 standard sizes, but we have the ability to make custom baskets to meet the specifications of our customers.Optional accessories include label stickers, caster kits, heavy duty feet, tray running bars, and more.