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» Why do Aceally racks need to be customized?

Many people who are irrelevant to the work in the rack industry may think that why can’t they purchase Spot of racks from the Aceally racking factory? And needs to wait, what if the warehouse rushes to use the racks? Is it better to have stock in Aceally warehouse ?

However, the purchasing department, technical department and use department of companies do not think so. That is because the purpose of them to increase racking system is to improve the storage space of the warehouse, as well as improving the efficiency of the warehouse staff through the storage placement of the warehouse.

Since each customer’s warehouse is different, it must be customized. For example, the racks used by a clothing store are not the same as the racks used by an electric store. Maybe you will confuse and ask why? Of course, you know, garments are very light products, and garment warehouses are faced with the situation of batch delivery of different yardages, the products must be able to implement manual tally. On the contrary, electrical packaging is relatively large and heavy, and electrical products are packaged by using trays and trays. They cannot be manually handled, and electric forklifts must be used to access the goods.

Taking pallet racking as an example, the maximum capacity of a pallet rack can be loaded 6-tons, but the maximum weight of a shelf rack used in a clothing warehouse can only be loaded 4-tons. Another example, A warehouse and B warehouse need the same type of racks, and A is 5-meters high and 500 square meters in area, but B is 3-meters high and 800 square meters in area. This is the actual situation even if they need the same type racks, programs are not the same! That is the difference! We will design the most reasonable solution according to the actual situation of each warehouse.So, now have you understand the reasons why the Aceally racks needs to be customized ?