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What is mobile archive shelving? Mobile steel shelving can maximize the utilization rate of storage and effectively save storage cost. Dense storage is different from dense cabinet or mobile wire shelving. Mobile shelving unit can only be said to be the earliest way of dense cabinet or dense shelf. The use of mobile shelving rack storage is conditional. If we do not have its conditions, we do not recommend the use of mobile metal shelving. So, what are the conditions for warehouse mobile shelving storage? Let’s talk about the requirements for mobile archive shelving storage. First of all, intensive storage is at the expense of the flexibility of storage, and the area is used to place goods to the greatest extent. Therefore, if you want to use mobile storage shelves, you need to have a single type of goods in each dense storage area, so you can ignore the order of placement. The inventory is placed according to the established storage order, and the goods are picked up from the periphery. Secondly, due to the lack of flexibility of intensive storage, we cannot access the internally designated goods. Therefore, we generally require that the goods stored have no limitation of retention period, because if there is always inventory, the most internal goods may not be shipped. Of course, if the goods are in and out of the whole batch, there is generally no such restriction. When wire shelving mobile archive storage shelving is implemented, it generally needs to be placed in a standardized way, such as using the same tray or the same box, so that the shelf and other placement equipment can be unified. Implementation of dense storage In general, the use of mobile racking and shelving has smart frame, shelf and other ways. Smart frame is a kind of equipment that can stack on its own. Shelves are generally representative of through type shelves, gravity type shelves, shuttle type shelves, automated warehouses. The through shelf is the most representative because of its relatively low implementation cost. But at present, it is a general trend that it is replaced by shuttle shelves. Because shuttle shelves have too high requirements for forklift operators and are easy to bump into the shelves during operation, its safety is not high. In addition, its structure determines that there is no crossbeam inside the shelves, so the overall stability of the through shelves is poor. The pound shuttle shelf solves these shortcomings of the through shelf, but the shuttle needs to be added to the shuttle racking, which increases the input cost of the warehouse. The cost of gravity shelf is too high, and now the use area is very narrow, we do not recommend users to use it. It’s expensive and demanding. The dense storage scheme of automated warehouse generally uses four-way shuttle, which is similar to shuttle rack, but it can divide an area into a small mobile storage shelving units area to take account of storage rate and flexibility.