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» What is heavy narrow aisle racking system

In fact, warehouse is very important for shelf selection. If the shelf selection is not appropriate, it will have a great impact on the actual use. Therefore, we must pay attention to the actual needs when selecting the shelves, usually the carrying capacity of the shelves. It is very important for goods to be used on heavy shelves. Of course, when choosing heavy shelves, we should also pay attention to the size and depth of the shelves. After all, this is a very practical product, it must have a specific shape to meet the actual needs. Usually for heavy goods shelves, it is suitable for heavy goods. Of course, the quantity and area of each commodity are different. Therefore, the length and width of the shelf are also required. In fact, you have to see the shape of the item when you select it. According to the shape of the goods to determine the size and depth of the shelf, it’s better to deepen the depth, it’s very helpful to put the goods in the back, it’s better to accommodate the forklift or hydraulic elevator, so it can help the actual use, so we need to pay attention to many problems when using the heavy shelf, bring more help to the actual use, of course, it can bring more efficient use. Heavy shelves, as long as they are installed with professional technology, basically do not need to be maintained in the future, because this kind of shelf is no longer the traditional screw, but the form of built-in buckle. This structure can avoid loosening and regular maintenance. At the same time, heavy duty shelves are made of steel plates. The basic life can be used for a long time compared to the time of using wood and plastic. It will last longer, as long as the weight does not exceed the specified range, it can be used for decades, which will naturally be more economical and save a lot of money for actual use.