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» What is drive in pallet racking system

With the economic growth, many enterprise warehouses have improved the storage of goods. In the whole warehouse, we know that there are various types of shelves, but the best one is suitable for our own warehouse. Therefore, we need to know what kind of warehouse storage shelves we are suitable for. What kind of goods should we use in this kind of warehouse shelves. This is a problem that we have to think about. Let’s introduce the knowledge about drive in steel pallet racking system.
Drive through pallet racking also become industrial drive in pallet rack, drive in racking. Designed to store a large number of similar pallets. Pallets are stored one by one on the support rails according to the depth direction, which increases the warehouse storage density and improves the space utilization rate. This kind of shelf is usually used in places with expensive storage space, such as refrigerated warehouses. The drive in pallet racking has four basic components: frame, guide rail support, tray guide rail and diagonal rod, etc. This kind of shelf warehouse has high utilization rate, which can realize first in, first out or first in, then out. Suitable for storage of large quantity and small variety of goods and batch operation. The smallest space available provides the largest amount of storage. It is suitable for the storage of large quantities and small varieties of goods. Forklift can directly drive into the cargo lane to access goods, which is extremely convenient for operation. Mechanical equipment requirements: the characteristics of anti balance forklift or stacking storage racks. It is suitable for the storage with low inventory flow, can provide the selectivity of 20%-30%, and can be used in the warehouse with low pickup rate.
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