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» What is a steel structure mezzanine floor

A steel structure mezzanine floor is a raised platform that is independent of a building structure and is supported by steel columns. It can be designed and manufactured to almost any size, weight loading capacity and finish.Mezzanine flooring can create additional floors of space for a variety of different uses, including extra storage space for a warehouse or extra office space. Mezzanine floors are a very quick and cost-effective way to create new space without the expense and inconvenience of relocation.the plant structure mezzanine store structure is, in fact – a front frame in one or more levels, which install floors, floor carries out the function for the movement of people and warehouse light equipment (platform, and even two-wheeled pallet trucks ). Stairs are connected between a mezzanine, and the loading up and down is carried out by means of fixed loading lifts, lifting or lifting platforms and handling. Each plant can store goods, either directly on the floor and on the shelves, as well as to organize the workplace for the staff, without forgetting the design’s safety and load characteristics. Each mezzanine floor can be used as a separate area of the store.

Mezzanine floor feature:

In a warehouse or manufacturing facility, mezzanine floor systems allow for a variety of benefits for the facility. First, the mezzanine utilizes unused space above the facility floor to be used however the facility sees fit. Whenever a facility needs to solve their space needs fast and affordable, mezzanine floors are the best solution, by effectively doubling the usable space it covers.In addition to the extra space, mezzanine floors can be installed into the facility quickly and with minimal site disruption. In comparison to stick-built, prefabricated mezzanine floors can be fabricated off-site, allowing the structure to be quickly erected on-site. Unlike stick-built construction, prefabricated steel mezzanine floors ensure there is no wasted material at the project site, making clean-up as easy as possible. All of this means the facility will have minimal downtime and increase their usable area swiftly and efficiently.

Mezzanine floor application:

Mezzanines floor can have many applications they can be used for storage (Raised storage platforms), plant support structures, working areas, manufacturing areas, office areas and retail areas. There is no limit to the versatility of mezzanine systems and it is a very cost-effective way of potentially doubling your usable floor space

Mezzanine floor structure:

Mezzanine systems, usually consisting of medium duty shelves or heavy-duty shelves, add on floor panels (which depend on the total load weight of the shelving unit).The shelf post/upright is used as the main support, and the floor panel is usually made of cold-rolled steel floor, patterned steel Mezzanine floor  systems or steel grating floor. In recent years, many cold-rolled steel floor slabs have been used. It has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, good integrity, good bearing uniformity, high precision, smooth surface and easy locking. There are many types of options, and it is easy to match the lighting system. It is convenient to take and manage. The load capacity of each unit shelf is usually less than 500kg, the floor spacing is usually 2.2m~2.7m, and the top shelf height is generally about 2m, which fully considers the convenience of the staff.