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» What do you know about the stacking rack?

Stack rack products are divided into two types: fixed and detachable. Their specifications are uniform, their capacity is fixed, they do not need shelf equipment, and they can stack each other. Thus, the three-dimensional storage capacity is formed, the structure is simple and the bearing capacity is good. It can be used in rental warehouse, workshop temporary storage area transfer warehouse, low old warehouse and other areas that are not suitable for investment shelves. The stacking rack is uniform in specification, fixed in capacity, easy to use, which can stack each other (they are generally four layers), high utilization rate of warehouse, clear at a glance when storing goods, convenient for the inventory of goods in the warehouse, and can be inserted into each other when not in use (fixed type) or stored after disassembly (detachable type), without occupying space, so it has high utilization value for space utilization. Stacking frame is widely used in enterprise warehouse and freight yard. It is suitable for the classified storage and storage of small and bulk parts in case and bulk. The stacking frame can be stacked freely in multiple layers. The structure is firm and light, and the handling is convenient. The components are detachable, which greatly saves the transportation cost.