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» Customized warehouse shelving system

Warehouse shelves are generally to customize the shelf according to specifications. Professional called industrial shelf. The future of the mainstream supply form is personalized customization, which in the information age can meet a variety of production and living needs.

Us ACEALLY company is one of the professional manufacturers specialized in design, manufacture, installation of all kinds of shelves, logistics system planning .ACEALLY has a strong technical force, integrated production equipment, a mature installation team and improve after-sales service system. We always in strict accordance with industry norms, continue to absorb domestic and foreign logistics system advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic enterprises, and constantly develop new products. Warehouse shelving system as a basis for the logistics warehousing and important equipment, how to improve efficient for the demand for this service, help the overall economic development of the new economy, which requires us to provide updated, more demand product.

Heavy-duty shelves, also known as beam-type shelves or pallet shelves because it has a beam and often conjunction with the pallet. Heavy shelves often play a key role in warehouse storage . The goods always packed together in pallet ,and then use forklift to put the pallet on heavy shelves. Heavy-duty shelves are generally 5-6 layers, column-shaped diamond-shaped hole.

Drive-in racking system . This type of shelf usually allows the forklift in the row of corridors in the channel corridor into the exit, a regular such as first-in first-out operation, which is a high density, more suitable for the products which have the simple type , but have large quantity . Compared with the pallet shelves, the drive in pallet can provide more 30% space. The drive-in racking are widely used in wholesale , Cold storage , food and tobacco industry.

What are the benefits of radio shuttle shelves? The core of the shuttle is the operation of the shuttle on the shelf and its’ control, which is known as kind of automatic shelf system, to achieve a certain artificial intelligence operation. They are the normal operation of a forklift truck and the integrated role of the shelves. The basic principle is: The forklift truck will placed the products on the front of the shelf roadway guide, then using the radio remote to control the WAP-1 shuttle, to carry and deliever the pallet to the specific position .

About the mezzanine floor racking. The mezzanine floor is one of the racking system which can maximize the warehouse storage . The mezzanine floor racking combine the basic shelves with the platform to form a new storage shelving system that can store more and more products in a certain area. Can do two or three levels ,asuitable for multi-species large quantities or more varieties but with small quantities of goods.. In a word , the attic-style shelves are more suitable for integrated warehousing management needs.

About the cantilever racking: Hanging up the steel arm to hold up a lot of goods, cantilever racking are specifically used for the long and large goods. So it always used in the production worksho to stock the raw materials . Our structure and characteristics can be summarized as follows: the shelves mainly by the frame, cantilever beam, connecting rod and other components . The cantilever racking have two different kind single-side and double side , which is to stock goods with non-standard or long pieces of material.

Dimensional warehouse system. Three-dimensional warehouse system or automated warehouse, which is a comprehensive system of a comprehensive system, is a high degree of automation of the storage system, which is modern intelligent technology and traditional warehousing equipment in an orderly combination of products. The main body of the automated warehouse consists of shelves, roadway stacking cranes, inbound (out) library workstations and automatic loading (out) and operation control systems. Shelf is a steel structure or reinforced concrete structure of the building or structure, the shelf is the standard size of the cargo space, roadway stacking crane walk through the road between the shelves, complete the deposit, pick up the work. Management using computer and bar code technology. Because of the need for complex equipment support, so this storage system is not a business can be completed or have a certain strength of the supplier to complete.