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» How to calculate the warehouse racking aisle

The placement method of the warehouse racking will affect space utilization,the narrower of channel, the higher space of utilization.However,when you plan the warehouse rack layout,you also need to consider the way of management and storage.

eg,if you need to go or out first,if you need to load and unload of goods by forklifts and so on.Here,the Aceally Storage System Group will make a simple introduction for us:

The number of aisles left in the aisles is not conclusive,It should be determined according to the situation and actual demand

when you load and unload the goods,Generally between 80mm and 120mm, When you handle the forklift access operation,specifically at the forklift model,the smallest forklift will be kept 2 meters,usually is 2.4 m or 2.6 m,but some large forklifts may need to stay 4 metres.

Meanwhile,The number of aisles can be reduced according to the management method,eg,A double – depth shelf reduces the aisle by half than the regular heavy rack,The drive-in shelf is a whole shelf,the aside will less more,but the selection rate of the two shelves cannot reach 100 %,it is suitable for bulk advanced first out warehouse,So how to calculate the warehouse rack aisle?

  • If the goods are transported manually, the interval should add extra 20cm on the basis of the maximum width of the carton.
  • If the bottom of the unit are placed with pallets, and the upper shelves are operated manually,the interval should add 20cm on the basis of the turning diameter of manual hydraulic truck with pallet.
  • If the warehouse are transported by the means of electric stacker, the interval is the sum of the turning diameter of electric stacker with pallet and turn-around safety distant.
  • If the warehouse are transported by the means of fuel forklift, the interval is the sum of the turning diameter of fuel forklift with pallet and turn-around safety distant