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» Use Skills of Drive In Racking Dimensions

Use Skills of Drive In Racking Dimensions With the development of logistics industry.Racking system has become an indispensable and important item in enterprises. However, Aceally Drive In Racking System Design is one of the most commonly used storage shelves in warehouses. Because of its different usage, it is also called corridor shelf or drive-in shelf. It is suitable for storage of goods with few varieties and large batches. Of course, there are some important points that we can not ignore.In order to improve the operating efficiency of forklift truck. The warehouse can choose the guide track according to the actual needs. Compared with other warehouse shelves, the utilization rate of through-shelf warehouse space can be increased to more than 30%. Although everyone knows that driving shelves can bring economic benefits, but only pay attention to this point is not enough, we also need to pay attention to how to better use the driving shelves, so as to maximize economic benefits. In order to better use the through shelf, it should be noted that when designing a new warehouse or rebuilding an existing warehouse, the system characteristics applied in the warehouse should be reviewed and studied. For example, through shelves in storage shelves can achieve greater storage capacity in the smallest space. When using through shelf, loading and unloading should be carried out from one side, which can effectively improve the time efficiency. Accessories of Drive Through Racking System include bracket, bracket beam, topbeam, top pull, back pull, foot guard, rail guard, etc. Finally, it is worth noting that forklift operators need to be more professional in order to better protect the shelves from damage, since the driving shelves require forklift trucks to drive into the shelf aisle to fetch goods.