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» Let the structure steel platform RACK your world

Steel platform also known as the work platform. Modern structure steel platform constructed in various different forms for differentpurposes. The biggest feature of the steel platform is its whole assembly structure, which makes it easy to refitinto other sizes according to different conditions and meet the specific requirements of the clients. It can also refit based on various  functional requirements and meet other logistics requirements. With it’s flexibility and adjustable design, there is no doubt that the steel platform has become the most widely used warehouse equipment in the modern logistic field.

The steel structure is usually composed of beams, columns, plates and other steel components and steel plate. The parts will be connected by welded, screws or rivets depending on different needs. Steel platform mainly occurs in the place like heavy-duty steel structure workshop which built by bearing frames, plates and shell-like structure components. It’s also widely used in tall TV tower, mast structure building, bridges, libraries and other large-span structure, high-level and high-rise buildings.

Land space becomes more and more precious, more and more scarce in modern society. How to place as much as possible in the limited space is a severe challenge for many company. With the development of the technology, the usage of steel has been very common inbuildingconstruction, it’s the most important materialfor the current building structure. Steel structure with its own great characteristics, will be the material of the world.