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» How to Choose the Right Loading Dock Leveler

It seems a very easy task to choose a loading dock leveler, but many accidents shows it is not so easy, you need to consider some factors before choosing.

The first and most important thing is to consider the safety. So you need to know the maximum load, include both lift truck and cargo weight. And also a solid construction is very important to prevent accident.

Second thing is the range of trailer deck heights and consider your operating environment. i.e. dust control, water clean, cold climates, etc. All these factors will dictate the style of leveler, and the cost of maintenance.

And here comes the third thing, do you want choose manual or powered leveler? Manual levelers are well good for low traffic dock, it provides a very easy and years of trouble free operations. But it will have much higher cost for long term maintenance. While powered leveler is the better one for high traffic docks, it improve the dock productivity and lower maintenance cost, and it is much safer.