• 07172019
  • Light duty slotted steel angle shelving


    (1) Light duty slotted steel angle shelving upright specifications are: 38 *38 *1.8 mm angle steel profiles, using high-quality strip through leveling, automatic rolling mill, punch punching, and then cut according to customer specified height.
    (2) Light shelf laminates are made of high-quality cold plates, flattened, longitudinally sheared, bended and welded reinforcing bars.
    (3) After light shelf columns and laminates are processed into semi-finished products, the last process of plastic spraying can be carried out. It can be packaged and shipped after completion.
    (4) Light duty perforated steel angle iron are ideal substitutes for simple shelves with angle steel welded and overlaid wooden boards. The product has the advantages of low cost, safety and reliability, simple assembly and disassembly, and can be used alone.


    Post time: 07-17-2019