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» Installation arrangement of racking system

How to install storage shelves? A lot of enterprises will be worried about buying storage shelves but not including installation. It can be a pain to the layman on the shelf. Now think of the storage shelves into small storage shelves for you to sort out the installation of shelves, you come with me to see the installation of storage shelves!
1. What kind of storage racking shelves is installed.
If it is a light beam type shelf, the installation speed will be very fast, because the storage shelf is light. If it is a heavy storage rack, the installation speed will be much slower. If the mold frame is installed, it will take longer. A set of three grid four layer mold frame weighs 400kg. Each drawing plate can bear 1.5T. At least two people are required to install it.
2. Customer site problems.
In order to quickly install the storage shelves, we will remind customers to clean up the site before delivery. Some customers have not cleaned up, so our staff have a lot of trouble when installing, and the time spent is infinite.
In order to protect the company’s confidential information, some large enterprises prohibit other personnel from entering. Our staff can only install it outside and the customer moves in, which will also reduce the installation speed.
3. Number of installation personnel
In many cases, the installation time can be shortened by increasing the installation personnel. However, there are many customers in a storage shelf company. Every day, we need to install storage shelves for several customers. We will allocate them reasonably according to the number, type and customer requirements of storage shelves, except for special cases.
Say in the end: the best way to install the storage shelf is to give it to the shelf supplier, because the personnel of the racking supplier are more professional in installing the shelf, so that the enterprise can be more assured and reassured.