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» How to purchase plastic pallet

With the rapid development of warehouse logistics, more and more enterprises have used plastic pallets as intermediate transport hub to transport and store goods. So, as a purchaser, how to buy plastic pallets? Now we will briefly introduce how to purchase high-quality plastic pallets.
First, the temperature. Different operating temperatures directly affect the selection of pallet manufacturing materials. This is because the pallets of different materials have a temperature range in which their performance can normally play. For example, the use temperature of plastic pallet is in the range of + 40-25 ℃.
Secondly, humidity. Because of the strong hygroscopicity of some material pallets, such as wooden pallets, they can not be used in humid environment, otherwise they will directly affect the service life.
Moreover, the cleanliness of the use environment. Consider the pollution degree of pallet caused by the use environment. The environment with high pollution level must choose the tray which is resistant to pollution and easy to clean. Such as plastic tray, composite plastic wood tray, etc.
Then, the special requirements for pallet material of the goods carried. Sometimes the goods carried on pallets are corrosive or the goods carried on pallets need to consider the specifications and dimensions of means of transport and transport equipment. The proper pallet size should just meet the size of the transport vehicle, which can improve the full and reasonable use of the space of the transport vehicle and save the transport cost, especially considering the box size of the container and transport truck.
In addition to the size of specifications, we should also consider the size of the warehouse and the size of each pallet; considering the packaging specifications of the pallet loaded goods, we can select the appropriate size of the pallet according to the packaging specifications of the pallet loaded goods, so as to maximize the use of the surface area of the pallet.
Consider the use range of pallets. The flow direction of pallets loading goods directly affects the selection of pallet size. Generally, 1200mm×1000mm pallets shall be selected for goods to Europe and 1100mm × 1100mm pallets shall be selected for goods to Japan. The selection of pallet structure directly affects the use efficiency of pallet. The suitable structure can give full play to the high efficiency of forklift.
Pallets are used as floor planks, that is, pallets will not move after loading goods, but only play the role of moisture-proof and water-proof. Pallets with simple structure and low cost, such as simple wooden pallets, can be selected. However, attention should be paid to the static load of pallets, pallets used for transportation, handling, loading and unloading, and pallets with high strength and dynamic load should be selected. Because this kind of tray needs to be used repeatedly, and it needs to be used together with the forklift, so the strength of the tray is required to be high, so the structure of the tray is required to be “Tian” line or “Chuan” line.
According to whether the pallets need to be stacked after loading goods, it is decided to choose one-sided or two-sided pallets. Single side pallet has only one loading surface, so it is not suitable for stacking, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the lower layer goods. Therefore, if the goods need to be stacked after being transferred, double-sided pallet must be selected as far as possible.
If the pallet is used on the shelf in the three-dimensional warehouse, it is necessary to consider whether the structure of the pallet is suitable for stacking on the shelf. Since the goods can only be inserted and taken from the shelves in two directions, the pallets used on the shelves should be the pallets with four forks as much as possible, which is convenient for forklift to pick up the goods and improve the working efficiency. Such a tray generally selects the structure of Tian word lines.