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» How to plan the mezzanine floor design

With the development of economy, the mezzanine racking and plaforms is very popular in some special enterprise warehouses. Through our observation, we can find that the overall structure of the loft shelf is very special, which is composed of multiple platforms. Each platform is a separate storage space, on which staff can access, sort, etc.
We all know that the loft type shelf can be divided into multiple platforms, so how many layers of mezzanine floor rack for warehouse are more cost-effective, and how many layers are more conducive to maximize the use of space? How to plan the loft shelf design? Let’s talk about how to make mezzanine floor design.
In fact, the specific construction of loft type shelves is mainly based on the analysis of the warehouse environment. If the height of the warehouse is not too high, it is generally not recommended to make too many layers. More layers of the loft shelf will affect the stability of the whole shelf, so it is recommended that 2-3 layers of the mezzanine racking are the best under normal circumstances.
The mezzanine storage rack divides the storage shelf into multiple layers by installing the laminate, which has the advantage that the goods stored in the high place can be accessed by the staff in the loft type without the use of special equipment. It is precisely because the employees have to work on the floor, so the load-bearing capacity and stability of the loft shelf are very important. Generally, when installing the shelves, our staff will check whether the stability of the loft type shelves meets the standard. If the stability of the shelves is not enough, we can properly install some accessories to make the shelves become more loft type shelves. We need to pay special attention to the safety of the shelves, because employees often have to go in and out of the interior of the shelves when handling goods Shelf problems will threaten the life safety of employees. In order to avoid this situation, the quality and installation of pallet rack mezzanine should be strictly checked.
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