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» How to choose stereo shelf forklift?

First, the stereo shelving forklift tonnage configuration: this directly determines the storage of warehouse goods. The different tonnage of the forklift truck determines the transportation of the goods, mainly as follows: 1.5T / 1.8T / 2T / 2T / 2 / 2.5T / 3T; the choice of the purchasing configuration depends on the weight of the goods to avoid the problems of insufficient tonnage and excessive waste of cost input; Second, the stereo shelving forklift truck can raise the height configuration: to understand the maximum lift height of forklift truck, in order to determine the storehouse shelf level. And to understand that forklift at each height can bear more heavy cargo, most forklifts are with the height of the increase, the weight will continue to reduce; Three, the drive configuration of the stereo 3 ton diesel forklift: at present, the forklift truck on the market is generally diesel or battery driven. Think about driving whether indoors or outdoors. But also will drive forklift two kinds of load strength difference comprehensive consideration. The two kinds of forklift have their own advantages, such as environmental protection, less noise, small turning radius and low operating cost, etc. The diesel forklift has the advantages of large strength, high speed and high efficiency. Fourth, the overall consideration of the other components of the forklift truck, including tire, engine and brand, exhaust pipe and other components of the supplier comparison. Tire is recommended to use solid tires, turning radius is small forklift type, so that durable; The choice of forklift truck brand and engine performance is related to each other, the performance of big brand forklift truck is better, but the input cost is relatively high. Most storage shelves can be used with all kinds of forklifts, but some special types of shelves need special forklifts. One of the most typical is the double depth shelf need to use a special forklift, narrow roadway shelf forklift running channel is narrow, need to be equipped with a special three-direction forklift use. Storage shelves serve as the storage function of goods, but also need the coordination of forklift to improve the efficiency of warehouse cargo management.