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» How to choose heavy duty shelving

Different product quantities or different cargo attributes, the purchase options for storage shelves are different. We often see the use of light-duty, medium-duty shelves in our lives. However, in industrial production and manufacturing, warehousing trade circulation, cold chain logistics and other industries, heavy duty shelving are widely used. In fact, heavy-duty shelves are not just beam-type pallet racks. The following storage shelves are also part of the heavy-duty shelf series to a certain extent. Do you know?

Beam-type racks are one of the heavy-duty shelves. Beam-type racks also call pallet racks, generally divided into single-row beam racks and a double-row beam connected racks. In the actual shelf customization, the double beam racking is most normally used. This mode can store goods at both sides, which is faster and more efficient. And when designing and manufacturing high-rise racks, it is also safer and more stable.

Cantilever racking. Among the cantilever racking procurement, there more is heavy-duty cantilever racking. Cantilevered shelves are used in a large number of industries, such as manufacturing materials storage and building materials sales. These heavy-duty shelves are used to place long, round, pipe, sheet and numerous irregular goods. The space utilization of the cantilevered racking is 35%-50%.

The mezzanine floor is also divided into medium-duty and heavy-duty mezzanine floor. Compared with medium-duty mezzanine floor, the materials used in the heavy-duty mezzanine floor are more rigorous and more in line with cargo carrying and cargo placement and more in line with the loading of goods and the need for the placement of goods.
Carton live storage racking is used for such as the product manufacture process, the production raw materials allocation. Roller type aluminium alloy flow bar is arranged between the front and rear beams of each layer, placed at a certain slope and used its own weight to achieve goods flow and FIFO.

Radio shuttle racking is a high-end heavy-duty rack. Radio shuttle racking using the shuttle as an intelligent control device, the entire pallet cargo is automatically displayed on the shelf rail for storage purposes. Use for multi-less kind of products, such as tobacco, chemicals, food and other drinks.

The above covers the basic style of heavy-duty shelves. Custom heavy-duty shelves also need personal circumstances.