• 01152023
  • How is the gravity flow rack improving the way of your warehouse works?


    The gravity flow rack is a warehouse rack product that uses gravity to realize the automatic movement of goods. The advantage of using this warehouse rack is that it simplifies the trouble of employees in transporting goods, which is of great help to improve the overall work of the warehouse. So how does the gravity flow rack realize this particular mode of cargo transportation? Let me analyze it for you below.

    First of all, we must first understand what the composition and structure of the gravity flow rack are like, which can help us better analyze the function of the gravity flow rack. In terms of structure, gravity flow racks are very different from the warehouse racks we usually see. The standard warehouse rack structure is a square structure. The gravity flow rack is different. Because of the special working mode of the gravity flow rack, we need to reserve a certain slope when designing the warehouse rack, so that the automatic movement of the goods can be realized through the rollers.


    In addition to the beams and columns, the gravity flow racks use the most rollers, which are responsible for carrying and transporting goods. The rollers can be rolled, so when the goods are placed on the top, the goods will automatically move from the high end to the low end due to gravity, so that the warehouse employees no longer need to run around to transport products Go and make warehouse work easier.

    Warehouse rack equipment is indispensable storage equipment in warehouse operations, and the most important thing to choosing a warehouse rack is to suit your own warehouse environment. Although gravity flow racks can make the transportation of goods easier, the manufacturing cost will be relatively high. If the cost budget of the enterprise is not enough, other types of warehouse rack products can also be considered.

    Post time: 01-15-2023