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» How do supermarkets choose suitable shelves?

With the advent of the new retail era, every offline store needs a high-quality shelf to display products. Different types of shelves can be used for various kinds of goods. Faced with so many choices, how does a supermarket choose the shelves that suit you? Now we will introduce the types and characteristics of supermarket shelves and how to choose the shelves that suit you.

supermarket shelves

  1. Distinguish different types of supermarket shelves

The first thing to do is to differentiate between different types of supermarket shelves. According to the display location, supermarket shelves are mainly divided into column shelves and wall shelves. Pillar shelves are usually wider, making it easier for customers to find the products they want when shopping. Wall-mounted shelves are usually used for the display of small products.

  1. Consider the load-bearing capacity of the shelf

Supermarket shelves need to have sufficient load-bearing capacity to display goods and carry weight. When choosing the shelves that are right for you, you need to consider the size and weight of the items you need to display in them, and choose the shelves accordingly based on these factors. At the same time, the durability of the shelves should also be considered, and products with good quality and fine workmanship should be selected to increase their service life and load-bearing capacity.

  1. Adjustability and customizability of shelves

The purpose of “display” is to maximize the display of goods. So when choosing supermarket shelves, choose those that can be adjusted and customized. This will give you more flexibility in displaying many different types and sizes of items.

  1. Consider the moving capacity of the shelves

For large supermarkets, it is necessary to constantly adjust the shelf layout. So the moving capacity of the shelves also needs to be considered. This also means that the storage shelves must be easy to install and remove, with the ability to quickly change layouts.

  1. Consider the aesthetics of your shelves

Supermarket shelves display products and play a role in beautifying the supermarket. When customers enter your supermarket, if the shelf layout and merchandise placement they see are pleasing, it will increase their shopping experience and desire to buy. Therefore, the appearance of the shelves is also very important and must be coordinated with the overall decoration style of the supermarket.

  1. Choose a high-quality shelf manufacturer

Choosing a high-quality manufacturer can ensure the reliability and durability of the shelf quality. They can provide bespoke supermarket shelving to ensure your goods are perfectly displayed, as well as provide you with expert advice and support.

In short, when choosing a supermarket shelf that suits you, you should consider factors such as floor space, load-bearing capacity, adjustability and customization, moving ability, and aesthetic appearance. Choosing the right shelves can earn you more trust among your customers and make your supermarket a pleasant place to shop.