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Ideal for creating sections within racking bays, our clip dividers are easy to set up and install. Hanging dividers can be made to run front-to-back or left-to-right, depending on your specific storage needs. Racks hook easily onto decks above, providing easy separation of products between beam levels. Installation of our hanging dividers is quick and easy to set .The following is the project we have done in Singapore warehouse ,which is a perfect application in the real life.



All galvanized mesh divider is completed by low-carbon steel wire, galvanized wire decking, etc. by bending, fine welding, surface treatment. Its surface is generally Galvanized (plated or hot plated). Beautiful after galvanizing treatment, strong welding, corrosion resistance, no rust, easy to clean, no fading, anti-aging, Durable and so on. Galvanized welded mesh is made of high quality wire. Made by precision automated mechanical welding, the galvanized mesh is molded then galvanized (plated or hot plated). The above products have a flat surface and a solid structure. Strong overall and strong corrosion resistance. For more information on specifications and models, please feel free to contact us .