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Foldable wire container cage, also known as storage cages, warehouse cages, butterfly cages, uniform specifications, fixed capacity, storage goods at a glance, easy to inventory warehouses. It can stack each other four layers high to realize three-dimensional storage. With forklift, cattle, lifts, cranes and other equipment, but used in transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage and storage in all aspects of logistics. The structure is strengthened by spot welding of strong steel bars and U-shaped channel steel at the bottom. It has the advantages of simple operation, wide application and long service life. In addition, the storage cage is durable, easy to transport, and can be used repeatedly, which can effectively reduce the manpower consumption and packaging costs of storage enterprises. Metal turnover boxes can not only be used in supermarkets as display promotions and warehousing. The improved storage cage can be placed on the shelf, assembly line or stacking. Metal turnover boxes with wheels can be used in workshops conveniently and quickly. Metal turnover boxes with PVC hollow or iron plates can prevent small parts from leaking out. The metal turnover box can also be equipped with traction device. The metal turnover box with traction and casters can be used conveniently in the warehouse. Product characteristics: Foldable metal turnover box is suitable for the handling and turnover of warehouse parts and packaging of finished products. Its characteristics are foldable, space-saving, independent storage, easy stacking, simple transportation, durable, beautiful and generous. 1. High-quality steel is welded by cold rolling and hardening, with high strength and loading capacity. 2. Uniform specifications, fixed capacity, clear storage of goods, easy inventory. 3. Surface galvanized, beautiful and antioxidant, long service life. 4. Adopting international standards, it can be used in conjunction with containers to effectively improve the utilization of space. 5. It can stack each other four layers high to realize three-dimensional storage. 6. Surface environmental protection treatment, hygienic immunization, turnover, storage and recycling do not pollute the environment. 7. Effective operation can be carried out with forklift, cattle, elevator, crane and other equipment. 8. Folding structure, low cost of recycling, is a substitute for wooden packing boxes. 9. Wheels can be installed at the bottom of the factory, which makes it extremely convenient to operate inside the factory.