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» Four suggestion for environmental racking

Efficiency always been a hot topic in the storage shelf industry,but environmental protection is a new topic.That’s not surprising that now many companies have lagged behind in green logistics.

Why?As the senior shelf company of the 20 years ,the Aceally Racking tells you how to make your storage shelves into environmental racking.Waste of natural resources(Economic losses) needs to be noticed,here have 4 suggestion for environmental racking for your reference.

Energy optimized buildings:

When you planning for a new warehouse or rebuilding warehouse, should be consider the renewable energy.It is a common practice to placing solar panels on the roof, especially for large warehouses with large roofs,

Such a practice makes it easier for a company to fulfil its commitment on environmental protection.But,the energy efficiency of buildings is a broader topic.Such as,if your warehouse is fully insulated?If all doors and Windows are properly closed to prevent energy loss?Are you using low-energy light bulbs?

What kind of raw material can be used for heating?Combine these effective measures will bring impressive results and achieve total energy balance.

Path planning and calculation of emissions tools:

Transporting goods between devices under different environmentalshelves and send goods from distribution center to customers,they are seems to be the most efficient path,but is a false theory.When you make a delivery /storage and picking order,always will find the measures of reduce carbon dioxide emissions.Software solutions for such requirements might can help you.

the computer optimized paths can help you save energy in two ways: lower fuel consumption and takes less time.what’s more,considering other energy-efficient ways of transportation:eg railway transportation.Your path has been optimized?Is your goods winding down every day? Is there any other ways that you don’t notice?

Use energy-efficient transmission technology:

Most people do not doubt their transportation equipment wasted a lot of energy,but that is the ture.Luckily,Advanced science and technology has solved the problem of environmental shelves,Energy recovery system can save at least 50% of the energy,As energy prices are soaring,more incentive to save energy.Many energy saving measures can achieve to balance in three years.If you want to transform conveying equipment,pls consulting the following questions with your storage system supplier:energy recycle system,
optimizing engine efficiency,reduced waiting consumption,intelligent bend controland off peak operation.

purchasing a complete system:

It really is a trap for different supplier buy different environmental rack element to save money.But it is not a good choice ,because the operating costs will higher than the money you saved,meaning you will lost more. But the complete system will save money,beause the element can fit perfectly,reducing the number of interfaces also prevent the unnecessary loss.In general, reducing the complexity of the system helps to produce positive results.Is not only a financial situation, but also is beneficial to environmental protection.