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In order to enhance the cohesion of the company team and enrich the spare time of employees. On April 25, Aceally(Xiamen)Technologies Co., Ltd. organized a one-day outing in the countryside for the company’s headquarters staff.In this collective activity, we first arrived at our destination ” Ding Shang Village”. In this ancient village with a long culture, we first learned its history, architecture and what kind of economic road the whole village relies on to become rich. In the current economic development, many people’s spare-time exercise has been very little. Therefore, this activity organized by our company is of great significance.Under the organization of the local tour guide, our team played skateboard together, crossed a single steel-wire single-timber bridge and climbed the mountain. In such a day of short-distance travel, we see the cohesion of the team, help each other, but also realize the importance of exercise. I hope our company will have more customers and more lists in the next half year.