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» Q235 steel cold storage racks for warehouse storage

Humidity and the low temperature is the main features of the cold storage. Low temperature-resistant.Therefore,Q235 steel cold storage racks with low temperature and high rust resistance is the good choice for the cold storage.

Commonly used in cold storage racks:

Drive-In pallet rack:

Drive-In pallet rack systems are a cost-effective solution to high-density storage. This static system has rails running the depth of the rack for pallet placement. The only limitation to the depth of pallet storage is the capability to drive deep within the system. The rack depth reduces the need for aisles and drastically increases cubed space utilization.

Radio shuttle pallet rack:

Radio shuttle pallet rack is a racking system with high density storage including racking and electrically powdered pallet runners, which works with forklifts. This shuttle is a self-powdered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for the loading and unloading of pallets. The automated system guarantees the highest possible storage density.

Push back pallet rack:

Push back pallet rack provides high-density storage where pallets are stored up to five deep. Using a forklift, pallets are pushed back on inclined rails mounted inside the racking. As a pallet is withdrawn, the one behind automatically slides forward to the front position of the pallet racking.

VNA pallet rack:

VNA pallet rack is designed for improving the storage density by reducing the pallet racking aisles with special forklift, making vertical storage up to 17 meters high.Such structures must have a high level of rigidity and accurate manufacturing tolerances, our systems are designed to meet these critical requirements.