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Cold storage push-pull pallet racking is a kind of rack specially used for cold storage racking, which is different from other shelves in most characteristics. Next, we will introduce the characteristics of the cold storage push-pull rack. Easy Access. The access method of push-pull racking is very simple, so it is very convenient to access. If general shelves want to be accessed, they need to be accessed at that time with the help of labor cost, and the staff need to access them manually. In fact, this is very inconvenient. But the push-pull shelf can be accessed by itself. If you need to operate any item on the steel storage racking system, the shelf will put the item down by itself. High Accuracy. This kind of push-pull shelf is self operated, so we need to ensure that this kind of shelf has a very high accuracy. If there is a little carelessness, it is likely to cause damage to the goods. Therefore, before buying this kind of shelf, we must ensure the accuracy of this racks. Not only that, when operating the rack system, you also need to pay great attention to it, because if you don’t care to make the system have problems, then the racking can no longer be used. So in terms of accuracy, it is also a problem that racking manufacturers need to consider for customers. Less Storage This kind of push-pull racking can store a small amount of goods, so if you need a large amount of inventory, it is not recommended to use this kind of shelf. Because if there are too many goods in this kind of shelf, it’s easy to make the system unable to respond and can’t access the goods. Generally speaking, this kind of cold storage push-pull shelf is better to use. If you have any questions about the shelf, you can give me feedback. I will contact you in the first time. Solve your confusion for you.My E-mail is : [email protected]